Why a tech electric design build?

The old model of design-bid-build is antiquated and cumbersome. Tech Electric is an industry leader in the design build approach, leading to successful projects and happy clients. Relying on a focal point of responsibility — us! — a design build model minimizes risks while reducing the delivery schedule by overlapping the design and construction phase of a project. 


Because of our experience with Design-Build we complete better than 80% of the design-in house, lowering design costs. Our relationship with design firms also helps lower design costs.

Project Management

We leverage technology in the management of your project to keep it on track. And if you have any questions about our design or our work – because we all have questions sometimes – you know who to call. Us.  Because we’ve done the design and we’re doing the work, so we’re pretty good at answering questions.

Network Systems

Equally as important as quality work and trusted professionals is the infrastructure and the systems that you operate with. We’re technical and work hard to select the best options so you don’t need to focus on the nitty gritty.

  • Category 6 (Gigabit Ethernet) is standard, no extra charge. And yes, it’s backwards compatible with Category 5/5e, so don’t worry about replacing your gear.
  • You likely already have an incoming fibre link from your service provider, why downgrade to copper? We provide a Fibre Optic backbone to your IT closet, standard.

Power Outlets

It should be simple, but often there isn’t an outlet where you need it. Making sure the design is convenient so we aren’t adding outlets afterwards, we provide:

  • Convenient access to power and USB charging outlets where it just makes sense
  • Special outlets for equipment
  • 20A housekeeping outlets as a standard; why have cleaning staff tripping breakers or using extension cords? We want to think of it all, before-hand


We want you to have the latest in LED technology and custom design inspiration from cutting edge retail or institutional builds that we have worked on. But, your design should have light and controls that work together. With the experience and the partners, we can inspire a creative and effective lighting design that works for you.

  • Realistic 3D rendering to see how the light will feel in your space. Our designers place light where it is needed, we carefully consider task, colour temperature and ambient light levels to strike the right balance.
  • Sensible energy saving design and controls such as LED, photo-harvesting or wireless control.
  • Lighting audits that allow you to assess the true payback of energy saving options.
  • We feel it is important to consider robust design such as fluorescent lighting and switches, when it works, we don’t want to re-invent the wheel.
  • With access to our partners and manufacturers you’ll be able to drive savings for your largest system cost, lighting.
  • Exit and Emergency System lighting, we get it right, the first time.